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The Loading Screen for Space Paranoids Online

Space Paranoids Online is an internet game based upon the Space Paranoids game that appeared in TRON. It follows the same concept, where users control a tank, traversing the canyons, shooting at Recognizers, enemy Tanks, and stationary turrets. It uses a difficulty system when shooting at the enemies, as shown:
  • Recognizers take 3 hits to derez
  • Tanks take 2 hits to derez
  • Turrets take 1 hit to derez

Basic GameplayEdit


The game features an ammunition system, providing only five shots before having to reload. Players can reload by driving their tank into a yellow, glowing pad on which they must wait for the ammo to recharge. This wait increases the difficulty, as it provides the enemies a chance to destroy the tank. Although tanks and turrets can fire upon the player's tank, the Recognizer doesn't have this ability - even though it was shown in TRON. An upgrade was provided to the Recognizer in TRON: Legacy, however this upgrade is not apparent in the versions in Space Paranoids Online.

Flynn LivesEdit

As part of the Flynn Lives viral marketing campaign, the fictional developer ENCOM, announced the release of the game during the end of 2009 in a press event, at which ENCOM CEO Alan Bradley introduced it to the crowd. During this event, Sam Flynn crashed the release, parachuting into the crowd, after which he then vanished. The people at Flynn Lives are still looking for Kevin Flynn, and now have a new challenge to find Sam, his son.

The Pre-Release and Other FeaturesEdit

The game features a 2-player ability where players complete levels together. However, this is not a Co-Op type mode - as when Player 1 finishes, Player 2 then gets a turn. Before the release, the website ( ) contained a preview of what was to come, with Recognizers flying past the main title, and providing a countdown to its release. If 100 Recognizers were clicked, users received a medal to be displayed on Facebook, as well as on the ARG's website, If 999 Recognizers were clicked, in addition to an achievement, they were sent, among other things, a Space Paranoids pin.

Gallery Edit