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Solar Sailer Prisoners
Media TypeComicbook
StoryAlessandro Sisti
IllustratorClaudio Sciarrone

Oscar Celestini


Solar Sailer Prisoners is an 8-page comic adventure that was included in Titan Magazines' TRON: Legacy The Official Movie Magazine. The story was by Alessandro Sisti, pencil and ink by Claudio Sciarrone, and paint by Oscar Celestini. It tells of how Bartik rescued some programs and planned a rebellion, leading up to his appearance in TRON: Legacy.


The comic begins with some sirens having a conversation about how the black guards have arrested all the dissidents in Tron City because they fear that the arrival of Sam Flynn will spark a revolt against Clu. Some of these programs were taken to fight in the Game Complex, while others were taken to the Solar Sailer docks. Gem decided that Bartik would like to know this, so she informed him about the captive programs. Bartik ordered his ally, Hopper, to bring him some backup to help free the prisoners. The group arrived at the docks, and they boarded a Solar Sailer full of programs on stand by.

Bartik used a light grenade to derez the control panel, which caused the captive programs to reactivate. However, black guards were headed their way, making their chances of escape slim. Bartik concocted a plan involving the rogue programs standing still to make it appear that they were still on stand by. The rebels ambushed the guards, but one guard managed generate his sword and slashed it across Bartik's face, lightly wounding him. The guard was then quickly derezzed by a program's disc. Another guard managed to sound the alarm, causing the rogue programs to flee.

Bartik then decided that the group should go to the End of the Line Club to ask Castor for advice. He declared "The Revolution has begun".


  • While the guards are referred to as "Black Guards", they are really depicted as sentries, a mistake on the part of the illustrators.