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I said I thought the gridbugs were a problem, Clu. I did not suggest a deviation from the creator's wishes.


Biographical information
User Kevin Flynn
Compile Date TC01
Physical description
Circuitry Color White
Gender Male
Description Standard white program
Other information
Functions System Utility
Equipment Identity Disc
Allies Clu 2
Out of universe information
Appearances TRON: Betrayal

Shaddox is a Basic program who served as a system architect and bartender in Tron City. He appeared in TRON: Betrayal.


Shaddox was one of the first programs written by Kevin Flynn during the establishment of the Tron system. A System Utility designed to assist Clu in constructing and maintaining Tron City while Flynn was in the real world, Shaddox worked well with Clu during the construction of Tron City, stating that while Flynn's was the mind that had built the Grid, the hands to do the same had been Clu's.

After the emergence of the ISOs and occurrences of gridbug attacks in their sections of the grid, Shaddox and Tron sought advice from Clu. At the suggestion that the ISOs might be causing the gridbugs, Shaddox recommended that Flynn be asked to address the issue as quickly as possible, reminding Clu that while he agreed that the gridbugs were a problem, he had not suggested deviating from Flynn's wishes. As Clu grew more impatient with waiting, Shaddox, along with Tron, grew increasingly concerned.

Some time later, Shaddox took up bartending at the End of Line Club. He remained good friends with Tron, and was the one Tron confided in upon discovering that squads of Black Guards had been planting bombs in ISO outposts, actions unimaginable without Clu's approval. While concerned that "everything would fall apart" without Clu, Shaddox remarked that their leader might be made "too much" in Flynn's image, and that Flynn's authority might not restrain him from action. When asked what that action might be, Shaddox said he only knew what he himself would think in Clu's position:

"Why allow there to be more and more ISOs? What's Flynn say? 'Nip the problem in the bud.'"

Personality and Traits[]

Shaddox is a level-headed, diplomatic program, a good listener and a reliable confidant. Good at reading others' moods and capable of seeing all sides of a situation, he tends to play devil's advocate rather than insert his own perspective and to rely upon preexisting authority when conflict threatens. While he greets uncertainty with unease, he is also concerned about Clu's methods of imposing order, and agrees with Tron that "we weren't made for this."

Skills and Abilities[]

A talented architect and city planner, Shaddox was heavily involved in the layout and construction of Tron City, as well as its modification to accommodate increasing populations and altered conditions.


  • Shaddox is not to be confused with Shaddix, a different bartender at the End of Line Club.