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Seth Crown III
Seth Crown III
Biographical information
Birth DateSeptember 25, 1974
Death Date2003
Physical description
Hair ColorBlack
Other information
FunctionsCorporate Attorney
AlliesEva Popoff, Esmond Baza, FCon Chief Executive Officer, Tech, DataWraiths.
Out of universe information
ActorDavid Scully
AppearancesTRON 2.0

Seth Crown III was the Corporate Attorney for fCon. He worked along with Eva Popoff and Esmond Baza, as fCon took over ENCOM in a merger deal and worked on the DataWraith technology. According to a line of dialogue in TRON 2.0, it seems that Crown wrote the Seeker program used to find the correction algorithms.


Crown was born on September 25, 1974 in the Harlem neighborhood of New York, New York, USA. He graduated from Harvard University with a law degree, and was presumably recruited by the fCon CEO shortly after passing the bar.

His personnel file described Crown as "a natural leader" who "very rarely shows his emotions making it difficult to judge his sincerity and true motives." In person, Crown was s shrewd, determined man with a single minded focus on the goal, and a willingness to do anything - legal or not - to obtain it. Crown was clearly in charge of the DataWraith project for fCon, with Popoff and Baza acting as his lieutenants. Like Popoff, he saw the potential in taking over cyberspace as a means to set fCon (and himself) as shadow rulers of global government and commerce, but his email was more calculating and cautious in tone than Popoff's greedy enthusiasm.

Crown was the one who recruited J.D. Thorne as a corporate spy to obtain access to the digitizing technology. When Thorne was corrupted by the process and became a living computer virus, Crown helped cover up the events and use them to their advantage by attacking Encom';s servers. Crown was also behind the kidnapping of Alan Bradley to obtain the correction algorithms needed for the digitizer to work, successfully intimidating Bradley into giving up the information that the algorithms were stored inside Ma3a.

After successfully capturing Ma3a and launching the first wave of DataWraiths, Crown and his colleagues ran into another problem. A rogue element was fighting off the DataWraiths, forcing them back to the analog world. Angered by the continued interference, Crown stepped up to the task, digitizing himself, Popoff and the reluctant Baza. Unfortunately, the algorithms were not engaged, and the trio emerged into cyberspce as a three-headed, crazed monster. Jet was able to successfully fight off the creature and return home, but Crown and his colleagues were sealed away on a hard disk, and Alan was in no hurry to restore him, or if such a thing were possible.