Biographical information
UserEsmond Baza
Compile DateN/A
Derezzed Date2003
Physical description
Circuitry ColorPurple
DescriptionA worm-like creature.
Other information
FunctionsTo seek and destroy.
EquipmentMesh-like weapon that fires from its head
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON 2.0

A Seeker program is an advanced searching technology on the Internet created by fCon. It's main goal is to find someone or something. In TRON 2.0, one of these programs was able to easily find Ma3a and Jet.

The seeker conceptually resembles a search engine, although its visual appearance also conveys the idea of a computer worm. Its shell looks like a giant worm, and it also moves in a worm-like fashion under the floor. Its circuitry glows in purple, indicating its origins as an fCon program. It is also shown to take up a lot of memory and processing power; this is shown as the Seeker invades the old ENCOM mainframe, destabilizing it and knocking out the power every so often.

The Seeker's main weapon is a blaster, but it also can bite, which is deadly to users and programs. Although it isn't fast, the lack of speed is compensated by high Health Points and the deadly bite.

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