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Sea of Simulation
Geographical information
Region ENCOM System
Tron system
Points of Interest The Portal
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Inhabitants 1, Tron
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON
TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Legacy
TRON: Uprising

The Sea of Simulation is a part of the computer world, comprising a giant digital ocean with patches of barren wasteland, mountains and other treacherous terrain. In the Tron system, created after 1983, the sea forms a protective division between Tron City and Kevin Flynn's exit portal. This was a deliberate safety measure intended to prevent stray programs from escaping the system.


In the ENCOM System in 1982, the Sea of Simulation featured a geometric surface from which digital "bubbles" or spheres slowly floated upward; these could be hazardous for vehicles flying over the area. The sea also frequently generated gridbugs, insect-like creatures which could cause glitches in the system. The most common method of transport over the sea was by Solar Sailer, with frequent beams crossing the sky; recognizers could also use the beams for navigation and support.


In the Tron system, the Sea of Simulation surrounded the Grid, forming, along with the Outlands, a barrier to prevent programs from finding their way to the Portal. It was a vast expanse of digital liquid racked by storms and broken by jagged islands of code; giant boulders floated above it, supported by single blue light-beams, and geometric arrays of bubbles extended far into its depths. In 2010, as Kevin Flynn and his two younger companions made their escape from the system, their damaged light jet fought off six smaller light jets over the sea. The battle left the remains of several of the Black Guard, and later Rinzler, plunging into the water. When Flynn reintegrated with Clu, the explosion destroyed the islands and floating stones above the sea's surface, and left a shimmering ball of light in place of the Portal.

TRON: Betrayal[]

In TRON: Betrayal, it was from the sea that the ISOs first manifested within the system, emerging en masse for many cycles. Their rapid proliferation, however, was soon halted after Clu secretly had a unit of guards poison the sea with a digital infection to stop new ISOs from forming.

TRON: Uprising[]

In TRON: Uprising, Argon City lies on the shore of the Sea of Simulation. The city has an active port and much air traffic travels over the waters; underwater light boats are also occasionally utilized. Basic programs have been seen to immerse in the sea for short periods of time without ill effect.