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Comparison between TRON and Savior of the Earth.

Savior of the Earth (original Korean title: Computer haekjeonham pokpa daejakjeon, roughly translating to "Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation") is a South Korean animated film released in 1983, and subsequently dubbed into English in 1987 by Joseph Lai's company ADDA Audio Visual Limited. Lai is known in the Japanese animation industry for his cheaply-produced animation films that feature storylines stolen from other movies (though these films were actually previously-produced works to which he acquired the rights). The storyline and designs that are featured in Savior of the Earth are taken directly from TRON and can be considered copyright infringement.


The evil Dr. Butler wants to control mankind's behavior with his computer. By using the "ULTRA ENERGY" he has discovered he throws the world into chaos. As more and more countries become affected by this evil genius a World Summit is called and a plan to capture him is put into operation. Dr. Kim, Sheila and Keith are entrusted with this mission but their troubles are just beginning. Our heroes enter a strange and deadly electronic world and begin to play THE DEATH GAME.

Similarities to TRON[]

  • Dr. Kim wears a lab coat that says, "ECON".
  • Dr. Kim talks to Dr. Butler via a computer and the villain sucks him into the monitor of his workstation.
  • Dr. Butler's carrier looks almost exactly like Sark's Carrier when derezzed.
  • One character looks exactly like Sark.
  • Guards carry similar rod weapons.
  • Keith gets hit by the guard's staff just like Flynn.
  • Several designs that appeared in TRON (especially the map of the Game Grid seen in Sark's Carrier) appear in this movie as well.