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This article is about a canonical subject that lacks an official name, and is known only by its nickname, callsign, or alias.

Sarks carrier.jpg
Sark's carrier
Vehicle Type Aerial assault carrier
Users Sark
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON

Sark's carrier is the informal name of Sark's digital command carrier. It functions as a command center for the armies of the MCP and is equipped with a podium where Sark can remain in contact with the MCP at any time. It is a massive craft capable of ramming and easily destroying a smaller craft, such as the Solar Sailer simulation, with no discernible damage to itself. The carrier is tied to Sark's presence, in a way that if Sark leaves it using his escape pod, it will automatically derez, however it can be controlled prior to its eventual deresolution.

At the beginning of the movie the carrier appears on Dillinger's desk when the MCP speaks of hacking into the Pentagon and the Kremlin. This would suggest that the carrier is representative of the MCP's ability to appropriate other systems.

Before the deresolution of Sark and the MCP, the carrier passed through a Derez Gate. However, it is unknown what happened to it after it's presumed deletion from the system.


Passing through the derez gate

  • According to a rare TRON press kit, the carrier is "4,000 feet long".
  • In TRON 2.0, a server appears in the game as a carrier very similar to Sark's carrier. This may suggest that Sark's carrier may be a server, however this is only a theory.
  • The carrier ships deployed by Clu, the Regulator (TRON: Evolution) and the Rectifier (TRON: Legacy), are later generation craft with various design similarities to Sark's carrier.
  • In TRON: Evolution, Sark's carrier makes a cameo in the Relic multiplayer bonus map. The ancient remains of the carrier have been discovered in an old decaying section of the Grid. It can be seen in the background of the map as Clu's forces are in the middle of an excavation.

The remains of Sark's carrier.