Sark Lieutenet
Sark's Lieutenant
Biographical information
Derezzed Date1982
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
Other information
FunctionsLieutenant of the MCP's army
EquipmentIdentity Disc
VehiclesSark's Carrier,
AlliesMCP, Sark, Guard
Out of universe information
ActorTony Stephano

Sark's Lieutenant was an ENCOM program who operated as Sark's right-hand-man and lieutenant. He was a specialist in protocol and intelligence. His original user was Peter, Ed Dillinger's assistant. Sark called the Lieutenant "Null Unit" and "bit-brain," criticised him for showing initiative, and occasionally struck him in fits of bad temper.

After Sark brought Dumont and his other captives to the MCP, the Lieutenant stayed behind to guard the path, and was derezzed by Tron, who had stowed away on the escape pod they'd arrived in.


  • Sark's Lieutenant was the only program in the ENCOM system with visible circuits on the skin of his neck, not just on his suit. To date, only one other Basic program has been seen with skin circuits.