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Deluxe sam flynn
Sam Flynn Deluxe Figure
CompanySpin Master
Release Year2010
SeriesDeluxe Figures
AccessoriesIdentity Disc

The Sam Flynn Deluxe Figure is a part of the deluxe action figure series of Spin Master TRON toys. It is 7" tall. The figure comes supplied with an Identity Disc and a baton.

It is recommended for ages 3+ and comes with 3 button cell batteries.

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Impulse Projection Face
  • Voice Phrases:
    • "My name is Sam Flynn"
    • "Some things are worth the risk"
    • "We gotta work together - it's the only way!"
    • "This is it - c'mon"
    • "Where am I? Am I on the grid?"
    • "I'm not a program!"