For the Rod in TRON, see Rod.

Weapons rod01-1-.jpg
Usage Melee and ranged weapon
Source Persistent
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON 2.0

Rods of TRON 2.0 are significantly redeveloped from the rods found in TRON. Rather than simply being able to generate objects in the Game Grid, they output a substantial amount of energy, making them very effective as weapons. There are various subtypes of rod in TRON 2.0.

PRod (Rod Primitive)[edit | edit source]

A PRod is a rod that is broken in two and used very much like a real world cattle prod. By stabbing or poking an enemy program with the PRod, it short-circuits the program, draining their energy and making them spasm. The program being shocked also starts saying gibberish or error messages ("S...sending..error...message!") until they derez.

It is best used as a way to attack multiple closely-grouped enemies at once. Enemies take damage for as long as the player keeps the attack engaged, but tend to remain in a stunned state for several seconds.

Suffusion Rod[edit | edit source]

The Suffusion Rod, a weapon very similar to a shotgun.

The Suffusion Rod is a relatively short-range weapon that fires a shotgun blast of energy pellets. When optimized, the number of pellets fired increases and the spread of the blast narrows, making it more effective against longer-range targets.

LOL Rifle[edit | edit source]

The LOL Rifle, the computer counterpart to a sniper.

The LOL Rifle is basically the computer counterpart to the real world sniper. It is equipped with a scope and zoom that can be enhanced with the triangulate powerup. The LOL takes a significant amount of damage but uses 50 energy units per shot.

Rod Rifles[edit | edit source]

Rod Rifles, heavy cannons that chew through energy fast.

The Rod Rifles are formed by cracking the rod in half and then the pieces cascade down the player's arm forming two long pointed automatic guns. Rod Rifles drain energy very quickly and deal massive amounts of damage.

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