"Well this year we put a twelve on the box"
―Richard Mackey to Alan Bradley
Richard Mackey
Biographical information
Physical description
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Other information
FunctionsENCOM Chairman (formerly)
AlliesEdward Dillinger, Jr., Claire Atkinson
Out of universe information
ActorJeffrey Nordling
AppearancesTRON: Legacy

Richard Mackey was the chairman of the board at ENCOM in 2010.


After the disappearance of Kevin Flynn, ENCOM's Board seized control of the company from Alan Bradley, Flynn's partner. Richard Mackey took over as the new ENCOM CEO, and he and the rest of the board eliminated the idea of sharing their operating system. Richard Mackey was present at the board meeting in December 2010 for the launch of ENCOM OS-12. He stood and spoke proudly of ENCOM's achievements, brushing off Alan Bradley's enquiry into the operating system's new features with a wisecrack that they had added a number "twelve on the box". He also made a point of congratulating Edward Dillinger in a manner that deliberately neglected the achievements of ENCOM's errant CEO, Kevin Flynn.

The meeting was disrupted however, when Sam Flynn infiltrated ENCOM Tower and put a copy of the operating system on the Internet for free distribution. Mackey became aware of the intrusion when his presentation was replaced with a video clip of Sam's dog Marv, loaded into the ENCOM servers as a prank to supplement the software hijack. He was not happy about this and tried to shut it down.

Mackey was later fired from his position after Sam Flynn seized control of ENCOM later that same month, naming Bradley the new chairman of the board.