Resource hog
Resource Hog
Biographical information
Compile Date1980's
Derezzed DateVarious
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue
Other information
FunctionsTo consume resources to satisfy appetite.
EquipmentSuffusion rod
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON 2.0

Resource Hogs are obsolete, bloated programs that continue to exist in some areas of the system, particular older computers. All they can think about is finding ways to continue to feed their voracious appetite for system processing time and energy. They are first encountered by Jet Bradley in the Main Processing Core in the Antiquated level. The programs seem to have grown in processing demand as their system ages. They use the Rod weapon with the suffusion subroutine.


One of the many easter eggs in TRON 2.0 is the names of the Resource Hogs, as they are named after real-life resource hog programs:

  • exploder.exe
  • inlook.exe
  • pine30.exe