Biographical information
Status Alive
Physical description
Circuitry Color White (former); Red
Gender Male
Description Regular program appearance
Other information
Functions Security program
Equipment Force Shield; Identity Disc; Light Grenade
Allies Tron (former); Dyson
Out of universe information
Appearances TRON: Uprising

Reeve was a program who served on Tron's security team before Clu took control of the Grid.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Summoned to help deal with a disturbance between programs and ISOs, Reeve and two other security programs accompanied Tron and Dyson to the ISO District. Reeve confidently predicted that their action would be "all in a cycle's work," while one of his teammates teased that he'd never worked a cycle in his life. Reeve later fought alongside them when the "disturbance" turned into a riot.

Reeve and the rest of the team were later captured by Dyson and confined in individual tubes in his repurposing facility, in shutdown with their discs suspended above them. Tron, recognizing them from his own tube, shouted to Reeve to hang tight until he found a way out, but a warning voice announced an imminent code extraction; blue code filtered out through their discs as red code filtered in, and the trapped programs, despite their watching leader's horror, were repurposed for Clu's growing army.

Reeve (center) and the rest of Tron's security team.

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