Tron Wiki
Rector Script
Biographical information
User J.D. Thorne
Physical description
Circuitry Color Green
Description Robed, floating and non-speaking.
Other information
Functions Spread Thorne's virus.
Allies J.D. Thorne
Out of universe information
Appearances TRON 2.0

A rector script is an enemy from TRON 2.0. Rector scripts are under direct control of J.D. Thorne and relentlessly spread his virus. Rector scripts never speak and seem to lack the complexity of the more verbose Z-Lots; however, they can summon Z-Lots as reinforcements to battle, implying that they have some degree of authority within Thorne's hierarchy. When rector scripts derez they explode, dealing damage to any programs or users in their vicinity.  Their main weapons are Drunken Dims.


  • In the world of computer security, script viruses are spread through the use of scripting languages such as VBS, JavaScript, BAT, and PHP. They either infect other scripts, or form part of a multi-component virus. If a file format, such as HTML, allows the execution of scripts, those file formats can be infected by a script virus. This plays into the theme of the seemingly simple-minded rector scripts having control over the infected programs.