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The Prisoners are a group of captives seen together in TRON: Legacy. The reasons for their capture are varied and in each case their prospects for a future are minimal as their fate lies in servitude to the will of Clu.


A group of seven programs had been captured by sentries and were being transported in a recognizer when the craft descended to the street to pick up an eighth captive, Sam Flynn. Once Sam was secured, and realizing he was in the TRON system, he turned to his right and asked the program there about his missing father. The program simply replied, "Keep quiet if you want to live!" Sam then inquired about the muttering of a Nervous Program along the row to his left, only to draw a growl from the hooded program to his immediate left. The hooded program glared up at him revealing a ravaged face, giving Sam a strong indication that the situation he was currently in was far removed from the world he knew.

The Recognizer presently landed outside the Game Arena and lowered the prisoners to the ground where they were met by three more sentries. The sentry moved from right to left along the line, initially assigning two to be "rectified". The nervous program was then assigned to the games. As the sentry proceeded to assign the program with half a face to be rectified and Sam to the games, the nervous program panicked and broke free of his captors. Screaming the words, "Erase me!" he hurled himself off the edge of the Grid platform into the waiting blades of a giant fan-like construct below and promptly derezzed.

Sam, realizing that assignment to the games was probably a highly undesirable fate, tried to talk his way out of the situation, but the sentries ignored him and herded him to an elevator platform that carried him down and away from the other prisoners. The remaining prisoners' fates were not immediately revealed, although the program that had been to Sam's right was evidently assigned to the games as well, seeing as he later appeared as a rider on the Light Cycle Grid.


The following designations are derived from the credited names. These are inconsistent with TRON: Legacy canon in that they are referred to as "men" in two cases, rather than "programs". Only the middle four prisoners are named.

From left to right:

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