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The Real World
Geographical information
Points of Interest ENCOM Tower
Flynn's Arcade
Other information
Inhabitants Users
Non-users oblivious to the system
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Legacy

The Real World is the physical world outside of the system, and is home to the users. The people who inhabit the real world build and maintain the servers that contain the worlds of the Game Grid on the ENCOM mainframe, and the Tron system on servers under Flynn's Arcade. Very few people in the real world are aware of the existence of the digital worlds, populated with their own anthropomorphic personalities, the programs. The few who are aware of what happens inside the system are usually those who have been digitized to effectively be transported into a digital world.

Software companies feature prominently within the real world aspect of the TRON Universe. The most notable is ENCOM, a multi-national software giant with subdivisions involved in gaming, and business and home computing. Its major competitor during the 1990s was Dillinger Systems. FCon from TRON 2.0, another software company, is also significant, although it is regarded as non-canon.

Meanwhile in the real world...