Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorPrimary: White
Secondary: Light Blue
DescriptionRegular program appearance, most of his right arm is transparent (damaged)
Other information
FunctionsGraffiti artist
EquipmentGraffiti Glove; coding tool.
AlliesMara, Moog, Beck
Out of universe information
ActorJack Huston
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Rasket is a character in TRON: Uprising. He was one of the two members of Mara's short-lived resistance team.


Rasket, inspired by the renegade's activities, developed a free code technique to tag large areas with "Tron Lives" graffiti, and joined Mara's resistance cell because Moog convinced him that it was a chance to realize his vision. The three garnered attention from both the Occupation and Tron for tagging Argon City with the message "Tron Lives." Eventually the team was captured by the renegade, who offered them a chance to join him.

When the renegade formed a plan to infiltrate General Tesler's ship, both Moog and Rasket complained about their part in it, not seeing the value of acting as a distraction. Sharply rebuked by both Beck and Mara, the two eventually agreed to take part. However, instead of meeting the renegade at the warehouse as had been planned, they infiltrated and tagged the ship, and were captured and tortured by Pavel; Rasket, protesting that they were only artists, bore the brunt of the torture, being left with a ghostly, translucent right hand. Rescued by Mara and the renegade, they admitted that they had messed up. When Moog said that he understood now that the rebellion's right path was for Argon's sake, Rasket elaborated on the subject, realizing that the renegade would eventually have to take the fight to Clu himself, so that "this--" referring to his maimed hand -- "doesn't happen again." But both refused to officially join Beck's resistance, having barely survived their first real action. The renegade's cause was right, Rasket said as they left, but they could not be his army.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rasket is laconic and artistic, taller and broader than Moog, nonconfrontational but willing to take great risks to spread his work over Argon City. He prefers to sit with his feet tucked under him, and shows above-average balance and flexibility. He resents having his name mispronounced, insisting upon a rolled "R," silent "t," and accented second syllable. He is one of very few characters in the TRON universe who have a British accent.
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