Greetings, Program! My name is ROMie. Please free me. I have an important packet to deliver.
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Biographical information
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Circuitry ColorBlue
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AlliesJet Bradley
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AppearancesTRON 2.0

ROMie_987, or simply ROMie, is a recurring character that appears in TRON 2.0. He is a program that does errands and other work assignments for his own user and other programs' users.

ROMie first appears in the starting level Program Integration. He is saved by Jet Bradley from being trapped on the far side of an archive room and again at the first infected room, standing in front of the corrupted entrance to the elevator. He shows up again in Prisoner Bin having been captured by the ICPs for improper packet routing.

Trivia Edit

  • ROMie is named after ROM, or "Read-only Memory", which is used in many types of electronic machines and devices.

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