In Purgos, you can't trust anyone.


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Geographical information
Region The Grid
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Clu 2
Owners General Tesler
Clu 2
Inhabitants Programs
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Uprising

Purgos was the original settlement of Argon City in TRON: Uprising. A boom town before the ISO War, it eventually descended into notoriety and became home to numerous criminals on the Grid. General Tesler referred to it as a "stinkhole".

Tron and Beck visited Purgos in an attempt to recover Beck's stolen identity disc, eventually discovering it in the hands of a local crook who operated a pawnshop there. Their search took them from lowly streets to nightclubs and spacious apartments, demonstrating that Purgos is home to varying degrees of social strata, although criminal elements were evident even among the privileged residents of the area.

Dyson used Purgos as the location for a secret project, recruiting programs to work on parts of it without discussing it amongst themselves so that no one would know what it was. When Able infiltrated the project, it was eventually revealed that the workers had been unwittingly building a recognizer of unusually vast proportions.

Purgos is also the site of Gorn's shop, a well-known destination for programs seeking to get incriminating information deleted from their discs.

Pavel, familiar with Purgos due to clandestine visits there, was eventually given control of its district by Tesler, along with the unpleasant task of cleaning up the town.

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