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The Progress Bar
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Inhabitants DJ.exe
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Appearances TRON 2.0

The Progress Bar is a bar and nightclub appearing in TRON 2.0. Music and dancing is available there, making it a popular recreational and networking spot for programs.

History[edit | edit source]

Jet Bradley and Ma3a, after escaping Encom's old mainframe, EN12-82, proceeded to the Internet. They sought out the help of a compiler to compile the Tron Legacy Code. One was was unable to help, but it was suggested that a high-level compiler could be found at the Progress Bar. Upon entering the bar, Jet found that the compiler was busy, with a growing queue of requests.

The current customer, when spoken to, kicked off a mini-quest for Jet by saying, "What kind of low-sample junk is the DJ playing?" Understanding that better music could distract the other customers and leave the compiler free, Jet spoke to DJ.exe, who replied, "Do me a favor, pro. Ask around, pick up the vibe." Jet did as instructed, returning to the DJ with the other programs' requests, and successfully distracted the customers, freeing the compiler to compile the Legacy Code into Ma3a.

Thorne speaking to Ma3a.

During the procedure, Jet received a call request from his father, under the name "Guest." As his father warned him not to compile the code, Thorne and an army of Z-Lots entered and attempted to capture Ma3a. While Jet held them off, the code finished compiling, and Ma3a rolled out of the compiler as the humanoid user-hunter that the code had turned her into.

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