The Portal
Geographical information
Region Sea of Simulation
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Owners Kevin Flynn
Inhabitants Uninhabited
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Legacy

TRON: Evolution (mention only)


The Portal is the gateway that allows digitized users to exit the Tron system to the real world. The structure housing the Portal rises out of the Sea of Simulation on an island pinnacle of rock. A small landing strip provides an approach to the site, and this in turn is connected to a long stairway ascending to the Portal. The top of the stair opens out onto a narrow causeway that spans out into the Portal itself.

The default state of the Portal is a closed state. It can only be opened from the outside by a user and then will only remain open for a millicycle (approximately 8 hours by human perception within the system). Even then, exiting the Portal can only be achieved with the use of Kevin Flynn's Identity Disc. The limited time frame is due to the Portal's need to consume a significant amount of energy in order to remain open. When the Portal is in its open state, it is visible to the programs within the system as a brilliant beam of light reaching into the sky. The spectacle can be viewed as far away as the Outlands, and in the early days of the Tron system it was reputed to signify the presence of Kevin Flynn.

The isolated location of the Portal is an intentional design element by Flynn, implemented to help prevent stray programs from exiting the system. Not only do programs have to traverse the Sea of Simulation to reach the Portal, but the requirement to also have Flynn's identity disc creates a doubly strong prevention measure against programs escaping the confines of the Tron system.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The direction of the Portal, from Tron City, is described as being "East".
  • The Portal was based on the I/O Tower from the 1982 "Tron" film.
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