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Pit cell
Geographical information
Region Game Grid
Other information
Owners MCP
Inhabitants Conscript programs
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON, TRON 2.0

A Pit cell is a confined space where conscripts are held. These cells had forcefields for walls, and were used during the Master Control Program's reign.

Conscripted Characters


In the 1982 TRON novel, written by Brian Daley, based on the screenplay by Steven Lisberger, Crom's entry into the Pit cell is described as follows:

'The cell was small, a low, cramped space shaped by close, confining walls. The walls projected into the cell space, heightening the feeling of confinement. Crom, hurled against a wall by the force of the guard's shove found that he could scarcely turn around. Exploring the severe little room, he saw that there was no way to lay or sit down comfortably, none to stretch. The shapes and planes of the walls saw to it that a prisoner would always be aware of his imprisonment. The ceiling was transparent, and Crom glimpsed a guard on patrol overhead.

On both sides of the cell were windowlike openings that allowed Crom a view of the cells to his right and left. He forgot his misery a moment when he found himself looking into the face of another captive.'

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