Biographical information
Status Alive
Physical description
Circuitry Color Primary: White
Secondary: Purple
Gender Female
Other information
Vehicles Light Cycle
Allies Gage
Out of universe information
Actor Kate Mara
Appearances TRON: Uprising

Perl is a minor character in TRON: Uprising. She is a member of a criminal gang in Argon City.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Perl was at the 0001001 Club when she saw Zed sitting alone at a table watching his friend Mara dance. Sensing an easy target, Perl talked Zed into leaving the club and then showing her around Able's garage. Feigning disinterest, she convinced him to let her into Able's private office. When he tried to impress her by displaying the one-of-a-kind ENCOM-786 baton, Perl showed her true colors. She punched Zed from behind and stole the light cycle.[1]

She drove it to her boss, the head of a crime ring, who said it was worthless. She didn't know that Mara and Zed were following, but took them by surprise as they hid on the perimeter of the gang's meeting place. When Zed asked her why she had done all this, she answered that it had been fun and began to taunt Zed with his "pathetic" behavior in the club, but Mara, offended at the slight to her friend, punched her. The baton for the ENCOM-786 fell out of her hand and Zed grabbed it. He and Mara sped off, with Perl and the rest of the criminals close behind. The chase ended only when Zed took them into the path of Paige, one of General Tesler's agents. Perl's light cycle clipped Paige and both flew into the air. The gang's light cycles hit Perl's, and they too were overturned. Perl landed on top of Paige, who, when she got up, placed a hand on Perl's shoulder. Perl started to demand to be released, but Paige kicked several of the other gang members to the ground and warned her not to finish that sentence.[2]

Later, Perl conversed briefly with Hopper at the club, leaving just before Hopper was arrested as the renegade.[3]

Two programs strongly resembling Perl and Gage were also seen in Tron's pre-Purge flashbacks, as part of the crowd in the ISO District riot which led to Dyson's disfigurement.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Perl is a programming language commonly used for web servers, specifically those that use the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl) software stack. See: Perl and LAMP (software bundle).
  • Perl's light cycle and light wall are purple, matching the secondary color of her circuitry. This was a feature of various programs in the early episodes of TRON: Uprising.

References[edit | edit source]

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