Biographical information
Status Derezzed
Physical description
Circuitry Color Primary: Blue
Secondary: Light Blue
Gender Male
Other information
Functions Engineer
Allies Lenz
Out of universe information
Actor Paul Rust
Appearances TRON: Uprising

Ott was a minor character who appeared in the TRON: Uprising episode "Welcome Home".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ott was an engineer on the ill-fated light rail train taken by Keller in her attempt to escape Argon City. When the train was damaged, Ott and another engineer, Lenz, decided to abandon it by evacuating in a small escape pod. They climbed to the top of the speeding train, using magnetic clamps to make their way over the rail cars to the escape pod. However, Keller followed them up and grabbed Ott's foot, demanding to accompany them. Ott, rising to his knees and trying to shake her off, failed to see a low-roofed oncoming tunnel, and was derezzed as the train passed through it, leaving behind his set of magnetic clamps, which Keller then appropriated.

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