Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorPrimary: White
Secondary: Teal
Other information
FunctionsGraffiti artist
AlliesMara, Rasket, Beck
Out of universe information
ActorJamie Hector
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Moog is a character in TRON: Uprising. He was one of the two members of Mara's short-lived resistance team.


Moog fell in with Mara because he was attracted to the thrills of defacing Occupation territory. He convinced Rasket to join as well -- in Mara's words, inspiring him to realize his vision, despite constantly mispronouncing his name -- and the three garnered attention from both the Occupation and Tron for tagging Argon City with the message "Tron Lives." Eventually the team was captured by a masked, red-circuited program; when questioned, Moog protested that he had no idea what the others were talking about, a fiction which fell apart when their captor sought the truth from his disc. When the program, after threatening the team to test their allegiance, revealed himself to be the renegade, Moog asked jokingly whether that meant they weren't going to be derezzed.

When the renegade formed a plan to infiltrate General Tesler's ship, both Moog and Rasket complained about their part in it; Moog asked where the fun was in being a distraction, and said the team wanted in on the thrills. Sharply rebuked by both Beck and Mara, the two eventually agreed to take part. However, instead of meeting the renegade at the warehouse as had been planned, they infiltrated and tagged the ship, and were captured and tortured by Pavel. Rescued by Mara and the renegade, they admitted that they had messed up, and Moog said that he understood now that the rebellion's right path was for Argon's sake. But both refused to officially join Beck's resistance, having barely survived their first real action. As they left, Moog said, "It's a good thing Tron lives; Argon needs you."


Moog is a happy-go-lucky program with a lively sense of fun; he joined Mara's resistance movement for kicks and called their team the Jolly Tricksters. He also has a well-developed sense of self-preservation, and seems to be the more proactive of Mara's two comrades, although Mara stated ruefully that she usually did the thinking for them.


Moog's name is a reference to Robert Moog or to his brainchild, the Moog Synthesizer, a version of which was used by Wendy Carlos for the score of the original TRON movie.