A Mesh is a weapon used in the TRON Universe, mainly by DataWraiths. A mesh can be upgraded to better weaponry by using subroutines.

Mesh Primitive[edit | edit source]

Blaster/Mesh Primitive

  • The Mesh Primitive or Blaster is the basic Mesh weapon. It resembles a sub-machine gun and uses very little energy.

Energy Claw[edit | edit source]

Energy Claw

  • The Energy Claw is the second Mesh form. Instead of using up energy, it absorbs health from enemies and converts it into energy for the attacker. It resembles a giant claw. As this weapon increases from Alpha to Gold, its range increases as well. Ideally it is used as a stealth weapon, like the rod primitive, or to recharge the energy cache. Upon corruption, it becomes 50% less effective.

Prankster Bit[edit | edit source]

Prankster Bit

  • The Prankster Bit is the last Mesh form, and the final weapon that you can get in the game. It is a very powerful weapon and creates a large explosion radius upon impact. Upon impact, it acts like a vortex, drawing enemies toward the center. Usually one hit will derezz an enemy. It also uses a great amount of energy, at about 60 energy units per shot. As this weapon increases from Alpha to Gold, the blast radius grows larger. It is most effective when used against a large group of enemies. When corrupted, this weapon is 50% less effective.

Blast Cannon[edit | edit source]

Blast Cannon

  • The Blast Cannon shoots a large blast that blurs enemy vision with a pink/purple shade for a short time, but does not deal any damage. (The Blast Cannon is found only in the Xbox version of TRON 2.0)
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