Masked DJ's
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorWhite
DescriptionMasked program appearance
Other information
EquipmentIdentity Discs
Out of universe information
ActorDaft Punk (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Thomas Bangalter)
AppearancesTRON: Legacy

The Masked DJs are programs that are capable of playing, or creating music. They work at the End of Line Club.

Appearances Edit

They make a canon appearance in TRON: Legacy at the End of Line Club where they perform for the patrons from within a windowed booth overlooking the dance floor. Initially they played sedate music, but when the Black Guards attacked they followed Castor's call to "alter the mood" with a more energetic piece as the patrons were getting derezzed. They remained in their booth throughout the conflict, although they had evidently left, along with the surviving patrons, by the time Clu arrived.

Trivia Edit

  • The Masked DJs played the set "End of Line" through the start of The End Of Line Club scene, then they switched "Castor", then they switched to "Derezzed" during the battle.
  • The Masked DJs are portrayed by the music duo Daft Punk, who also created the score for the film.
  • DJ.exe from TRON 2.0 serves a similar purpose as the Masked DJs of TRON: Legacy.