Tron Wiki
Biographical information
User Alan-One
Compile Date Mid-1990s
Physical description
Circuitry Color Yellow
Gender Female
Description A floating gray sphere with a gold wireframe face.
Other information
Functions Research tool for Alan Bradley
Allies Jet Bradley
Alan Bradley
Out of universe information
Actor Cindy Morgan
Appearances TRON 2.0
TRON: The Ghost in the Machine

Ma3a (pronounced "Mah-three-ah") is the most recent program created by Alan Bradley, preceded by Ma1a and Ma2a. "Ma3a" stands for Math Assistant 3 Audio.


The story of Ma3a is told through emails stored on the old mainframe computer containing the Tron Legacy Code.

Lora Baines Bradley developed an AI program to help with lab research, calling it Math Assistant 1a, or Ma1a. Some time before the software was upgraded to Ma2a, Lora was killed in a lab accident. According to an email from an ENCOM employee, Ma2a showed eerie similarities to Lora's personality. There were rumors that she was partially digitized and Alan somehow integrated her DNA with the AI. Ma2a had some unspecified flaws which were corrected in the latest version, Ma3a.

Since Ma3a was Alan's primary tool in re-creating the correction algorithms for the digitizing process, all the algorithms were actually stored within her code. When fCon bought ENCOM, Ma3a was a priority target because she held the key to their plans for the computer world.

The Tron Legacy Code was compiled into Ma3a, and she evolved into a powerful user-hunting program, fixated on terminating any digitized user she could find. Her fatal blow upon Thorne began corroding his viral form, eventually leading to his deresolution. Before she could attack Jet Bradley, an fCon Seeker program was able to sneak up and capture her. With the correction algorithms in their grasp, the fCon antagonists were able to launch their digital invasion.

Ma3a appeared later in the game when Alan Bradley needed the correction algorithms to return to the User world. He restored Ma3a to her original state, and they exited the system before it crashed.