Ma2a (pronounced "Mah-too-ah") is a program in the TRON 2.0 storyline. It was created by Alan Bradley, preceded by Ma1a and followed by Ma3a. "Ma2a" stands for Math Assistant 2 Audio.

The story of Ma2a is little more than a footnote in one of the game's many sub-stories. Ma2a is discussed in an email stored on the old mainframe computer containing the Tron Legacy Code.

Lora Baines Bradley developed an AI program, Ma1a, to help with lab research. Some time before the software was upgraded to Ma2a, Lora was killed in a lab accident. According to an email from an ENCOM employee, Ma2a showed eerie similarities to Lora's personality. There were rumors that she was partially digitized and Alan somehow integrated her DNA with the AI. Ma2a had some unspecified flaws which were corrected in the latest version, Ma3a.

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