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Clu derezzes as the MCP takes over his functions.

The MCP's torture device is used by the Master Control Program to appropriate programs and their functions so that he grows more powerful. The devices are found embedded into the wall inside the shell of the MCP. When a program is brought to the MCP's presence, the MCP telekinetically sends a program flying violently against the device's surface. The device then "scans" the back of the program by changing the surface of the device to rapidly moving chevrons that move upward. The faster the chevrons move, the quicker and more painful the deresolution is. When it is all over, the program completely becomes a part of the MCP.

Known victims of the device[edit | edit source]

Dumont's skull glows as the device slowly derezzes him.

In the Tron System[edit | edit source]

Rasket having his code erased by Pavel's torture device.

A similar device appeared in Tron: Uprising in the episode Tagged, where it was used by Pavel to torture and derez political opponents of Tesler's regime. The device featured a mushroom-shaped dome with a rotating assembly of rings, and two seats for captives with shackles and a disc lock. When turned on, the device would start decompiling programs, erasing first their circuitry, then their voxels, rendering them transparent. Voxel erasure seemed to be somewhat controlled via remote to target selected areas of the program's body, as was the case with Rasket's right hand which was rendered transparent, likely permanently. Eventually, the device would derez a program, leaving them limp with a gray, stony texture, and brittle enough to be shattered to voxels when their head was squeezed.

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