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Logic Probe
Usage Energy siphon
Users Sark
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON
Kingdom Hearts II (mentioned)

The Logic Probe is a weapon introduced in TRON.

The Logic Probe materializes from a simple cuboid shape into a menacing and electrified rod that saps energy from anything it touches.

It was used by Sark to get through a forcefield that Dumont created.

Appearance and History[edit | edit source]

Sark ordered the logic probe brought in to break the opaque forcefield with which Dumont had sealed the entrance to his I/O Tower.

Initially a translucent gray rectangular shape hovering above the floor, the logic probe was flooded with pulses of energy which resolved and solidified an internal wireframe structure into a giant, two-pronged battering ram the size of a battleship, composed of jutting angular blocks. The twin prongs at its front extended beyond the original wireframe, lengthening with every pulse of power flowing through them. Upon reaching the Tower door, the tips of the prongs glowed with power, spreading disruptive cracks in the forcefield as more flares slammed through them.

As the forcefield tried to reassert itself, Sark called for more power. Inside the Tower, the probe's disruption was visible as a crackling field of energy, while the power flares resounded as a relentless series of crashing thuds outside.

Though it took enough time for Tron to use the I/O beam and escape, the logic probe eventually succeeded in demolishing the forcefield.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The user-equivalent of a logic probe would be a battering ram.
  • In real life, logic probes are used for analyzing and troubleshooting the logical states of a digital circuit. Unlike the logic probe in the movie, real ones have one prong, not two, and do not disrupt what they analyze.
  • In Brian Daley's novelization, the logic probe was described as an "oblong, featureless package of disruptive power... suspended on an invisible supportive field of some type," which "fired multicolored lightning" to derezz the Tower door. Kevin Flynn, watching from a hidden vantage point, noticed that "even Sark was careful to keep well clear of it."
  • The double prow of Dyson's ship in TRON: Uprising, with blocks of yellow coloration at its tips, resembled the two deadly prongs of the logic probe.
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