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This list displays all websites that support the movie TRON, TRON 2.0 and related games.

Tron-Sector Edit


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Tron-sector is a long running website by David "Auric" Hernly, Jr. supporting the all of the aspects of the Tron universe. It has a large download archive of fan media, clips from the film, maps and patches for TRON 2.0, fan fiction for a movie sequel, fan made mini-TRON inspired games (not to mention a fully functional Space Paranoids emulation), and even a TRON Font for Windows. It has a regularly updated current news page. It has biographies on all of the major actors and production team and even interviews of Cindy Morgan, Mike Bonifer and Harrison Ellenshaw. The website is home to the I/O Tower Forums, one of the biggest Tron fourms in existence. Well known internet celebritiy 'The TRON Guy' (aka Jay Maynard) is a member in Tron-sector forum and cast members Dan Shor and Cindy Morgan have been known to have visited the site's forums.

Boxhat Edit



[LDSO] (the Living Dead System Operators)

Since the release of TRON 2.0, there were numerous clans that emerged, chief among 'Living Dead', 'Digital Structure of Order' and 'Nintendo Evolution'. 'Nintendo Evolution' changed its name several times (its 'official' name now is 'Digital Soldiers') and finally fell apart after members left for games with more players on multiplayer. 'Living Dead' and 'Digital Structure of Order' however stayed strong and after alliances grew stronger between them, they finally merged to form the clan they are today. They have contributed greatly to the community by making many maps and tools for the game. The member Tronfaq has also recorded tutorials to get started with making maps for TRON 2.0 using the provided tools.

TRON 2.0 News Edit

Tron 2.0 News

A blog created by TronFAQ to give up to date news about TRON 2.0 and the TRON community. It has recently has a change in design. It also has a link to the petition started to get more support by BVG for TRON 2.0.

TRON 2.0 Unofficial FAQ Edit

Tron 2.0 Unofficial FAQ

A very well-done FAQ made by TronFAQ to give help for modding, patching and making maps for TRON 2.0. Due to TRON 2.0's many glitches and bugs, this FAQ helps you get around them and has guides on practically everything in TRON 2.0 including single player tutorials, making your own custom maps. It also has an essay describing the events after TRON 2.0's release and the decline in BVG's support.