A listing of all the emails that appear in TRON 2.0, broken down by level. Email titles are listed in the order acquired during play-through.

Unauthorized User Edit

Program Initialization Edit

**Virus Alert** 1
**Virus Alert** 2
Award Announcement 1
Award Announcement 2
Award Announcement 3

Combat Training Arena Edit


Program Integration Edit

Send me your resume
Jethro Bradley
Jet 1
Jet 2

Vaporware Edit

Light Cycle Arena and Staging Pit Edit

Worried about my job 1
Worried about my job 2

Prisoner Bin Edit

Leaving the Company

Transport Station Edit

Acquisition 1
Acquisition 2
Acquisition 3
Acquisition 4

Primary Digitizing Edit

Digitizing Technology 1
Digitizing Technology 2
Digitizing Technology 3

Legacy Code Edit

Alan's Desktop PC Edit

Trouble at School
Lost and Found
Tron Legacy Code 1
Your Grades
Tron Legacy Code 2
Home Late
Tron Legacy Code 3
How are you holding up?

System Reboot Edit

Packet Transport Edit

Company Merge
Team Portfolio
Simulator online

Power Regulator Edit

Seth Crown III
Dr. Eva Popoff
Esmond Baza
DataWraith Training (transcript)

Power Oculus Edit

Executive Update
Correction Algorithms 1
JD Thorne 1
JD Thorne 2
Correction Algorithms 2

Antiquated Edit

Abandoned Test Grid Edit


Main Processing Core Edit

Tron Arcade Game
Hypothetical Situation 1
Hypothetical Situation 2
Tron Upgrade
Tron Upgrade Status

Ancient Grid Arena Edit


Main Power Pipeline Edit

It's a boy!
New Parents
Lab AI Development 1
Lab AI Development 2
Lab AI Development 3

Master User Edit

City Hub Edit


Progress Bar Edit

Something Fishy about fCon

Outer Grid Escape Edit


fCon Lab/Retrieving Ma3a Edit


Remote Access Node Edit

Correction Algorithms 1
Correction Algorithms 2
Correction Algorithms 3
Alan Bradley

Alliance Edit

Security Server Edit


Thorne's Perimeter Partition Edit

Welcome to the Team

fCon Lab/Prepare the DataWraiths Edit


Thorne's Internal Partition Edit

New Chair 1
New Chair 2
Digitizing is Possible 1
Digitizing is Possible 2
Nothing but a smoke screen!

Thorne's Chamber Core Edit


Handshake Edit

Function Control Deck Edit

Freelance Work
Freelance Work

Data Base Edit

Security Socket Edit

Digitization Progress

Firewall Edit

Security Update 1
Security Update 2

fCon Lab/Lost Alan Edit


Primary Docking Port Edit

Server Launch Schedule 1
Server Launch Schedule 2
Server Launch Schedule 3

fConLab/Failsafe Kicking In Edit


Cargo Bay Sector Edit


The Root of the Problem Edit

Assembly Level Edit


DataWraith Training Grids Edit


fCon Lab/fCon Team Enters Computer Edit


Command Module Edit

Report 1
Report 2

Incompatible Edit

Digitizing Stream Edit


Incompatible Edit