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Real World perspective.

Due to the many experimental processes used to make TRON, there are many visual mistakes (both visible and hard-to-spot), as well as audio and story errors. The following is a list of all of the errors found (as of 2008) in TRON.

CGI Continuity Edit

In almost every shot of light cycles, tanks and recognizers, there is some graphical error either with the shadows and/or the glowing outlines of the objects in the shot. Shots with Sark's Carrier, the Solar Sailer or the MCP have less graphical glitches, but there are several shots in the movie where there are exceptions.

CGI GalleryEdit

MAGI-created ShotsEdit

MAGI created all of the shots with Light Cycles, Recognizers and Light Tanks.

Triple I-created shotsEdit

Triple-I created all of the shot with Sark's Carrier, the Solar Sailer, and the MCP.

Computer World ContinuityEdit

Every shot in the computer world was hand-painted and animated with special effects using many, many layers. Due to the experimental process to bring these scenes to the movie screen, there are many error and continuity mistakes in effects, backgrounds, and so forth.