Tron Wiki
Biographical information
Status Alive
Physical description
Circuitry Color Primary: White
Secondary: Dim White
Gender Male
Description Regular program appearance
Other information
Allies Pavel
Out of universe information
Actor David Arquette
Appearances TRON: Uprising

Link is a minor character in Tron: Uprising. He is an employee at Able's garage. He is extremely mild-mannered and a very slow thinker, but is nonetheless a competent mechanic.


In Blackout, Link was briefly seen at the starting line of the Argon Race, but failed to rez his Light Cycle.

He was easily persuaded by Pavel to falsely testify that Hopper was the Renegade in The Reward, receiving the Light Roadster in exchange.

As Link drove the Light Roadster, the Renegade appeared in the back seat. Outside the City, Beck, still in his Renegade disguise, attempted to convince Link to help him prove that the Occupation was arresting innocent programs, but Link had trouble understanding the plan, and kept asking for more explanations until Beck was exasperated. Finally, Beck heard that his friends were in danger, and drove back to town alone in the Light Roadster, leaving Link frantically shouting that he should drive carefully to avoid damaging it.

Link was later revealed to work at Able's garage. When General Tesler demanded the Renegade's surrender, Able grounded Beck at the garage and tasked Link with keeping Beck there, but Link was unable to do so. Link, though misinterpreting Beck's motive for refusing to stay put, was understanding about the matter, remarking that he himself had already met the Renegade and didn't need to go looking for him.

On another occasion, Link was working on one of a number of sabotaged tanks when he inadvertently reverted the damage and caused it to fire, blowing up a light copter but also giving Mara the clue she needed to fix the rest of the tanks.

Link was known to be given menial jobs around the garage, such as vacuuming the floor; he commented at one point, with mild petulance at being ignored by Able, that "nobody tells me anything".

Link was present during Able's funeral, when Mara blamed the Renegade for his death. When Pavel took over, he runs in the office to clean up the shattered remains of Bit. After the super recognizer crashed near the garage, he was along the workers witnessing the Renegade fight two Black Guards alone. When Pavel order his Guards to derez the Renegade, Link joined Mara and Zed in defending him, becoming part of the Grid's first active resistance group.


Link's secondary circuits are so dim that they appear gray.


  • Link's name first appeared in the credits of Blackout, but was first spoken in The Reward.