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Light suits are worn by programs in the TRON Universe. In many cases they resemble motorcycle suits, albeit with fluorescent-like glowing strips illuminating them. These highlights are common to every being in the TRON system. Users may appear in the system with their regular clothing, however they can also be fitted with the same suit as any program. Their clothing returns to normal when they return to the real world, although it is never explained how Quorra came to be wearing regular clothes at the end of TRON: Legacy.

A typical program's suit is usually black with the illuminated strips contrasting starkly against the dark body suit. Some are made with a white design instead, pulling together the glowing highlights over apparel made in very light colors. A curious trait of the more armored suits is the ability to blend into the structure of baton-created vehicles, marrying the suited rider to the vehicle as if they are a single cohesive unit. These black garments can also supply a helmet that forms rapidly around the head of the wearer when triggered.


  • The illuminated suits were created by using electroluminescent lamps made from a flexible polymer film. Most were formed from latex; however, the suits of the Sirens were made by spraying balloon rubber over spandex.
  • Actual motorcycle riding leathers have been crafted by Universal Designs, mimicking the suits of Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Tron/Rinzler.