Codex veh light runner
Light Runner
Vehicle TypeAll terrain combat vehicle
ArmamentsLight Ribbon
2 Missile launchers (front)
Mine launcher (rear)
Crew1 Driver (left)
Passengers1 Passenger (right)
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Evolution - Battle Grids, TRON: Legacy

A light runner is a vehicle used by programs on the Grid for transportation. It is similar to a light cycle, however it can carry two passengers, has four wheels and has the unique ability to drive off the Grid under its own power. When driving 'off-grid' the Light Runner adapts to the rougher terrain by extending small studs from its tires for better traction, and adjusting its suspension for better ground clearance and shock absorption.

The weapon complement of a Light Runner is extensive for a vehicle of this size. It has the ability to create light ribbons, which appear wider than those of a light cycle. Rear mounted mine launchers can disgorge high-yield proximity mines. A forward mounted light missile launcher is equipped with warheads powerful enough to blow through the walls of the city, creating a hole large enough for the Light Runner to pass through. In TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids, it is equipped with a minigun, similar to a light jet.

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