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Light Roadster
Vehicle Type Multi-program transport
Users Link, Beck; Mara (bike variant)
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Uprising

The light roadster is a four-seat vehicle introduced in TRON: Uprising.

Description[edit | edit source]

The light roadster is much like a real-world car, with four wheels and a large light-ring inside for use as a steering wheel.  Unlike most vehicles shown in detail in the TRON Universe, it is purely a civilian sports car, with no weapons and does not appear to have Light Ribbons as part of its design.  It appears to have the equivilent of a manual transmission along with a gearshift lever.  The vehicle also has seatbelts, headlights, signal lights, a retractable roof, and a rear-view mirror above the dash.  It has the unique feature of being able to split in half to go in two directions by reducing itself down to the wireframe, separating, then each half reforming into an unusual two-seat light cycle.  When driven, the light roadster's interior circuits change to match the circuitry of the driver, but its exterior circuits remain vivid red.

History[edit | edit source]

General Tesler offered the light roadster, showcased in a glittery spectacle at the Coliseum, as a reward for information leading to the capture of the Renegade. While programs around Argon City turned in their neighbors in the hope of winning the prize, Link, fascinated by the vehicle, remained in the Coliseum to stare at it and imagine how he'd take care of it if it was his. He was easily convinced by Pavel to provide "unbiased" testimony framing Hopper as the Renegade, and received the light roadster after Hopper's arrest.

While driving his prize away, Link was startled by the appearance of the real Renegade in the back seat. The two conferred on the edge of town, but when Link was unable to grasp the Renegade's plan for freeing Hopper, the Renegade stole the car and raced back to Argon Square, leaving the hapless Link imploring him to be careful with it.

The light roadster's speed allowed the Renegade, in spite of a traffic jam, to reach Argon Square in time to save Hopper, Mara, and Zed from certain death; he used the car to dodge blasts from Pavel's missile launcher and escape the tipping platform in the middle of the square. After ditching Hopper, he split the car into its two light cycle halves, allowing Mara and Zed to drive away on one while he departed on the other.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The light roadster was nicknamed the "VL1" by the writers after Vaughan Ling, who finalized its design.
  • General Tesler claimed that the light roadster was the only vehicle that could outrun a light jet. However, in TRON: Legacy, Quorra described the 2nd generation light cycle as the fastest thing on the Grid.
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