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Light Rail
Vehicle Type High speed public transport
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Uprising

The light rail is a vehicle designed by Daniel Simon for the television series TRON: Uprising.

Description[edit | edit source]

The light rail is a vehicle similar to a monorail. It runs on a beam of light, which is supported by tall pylons when not passing through tunnels or under structures. Light rail trains often turn upside down to avoid collisions or when passing through low spaces. It is unknown how the passengers inside stay upright during this process.

The compartment doors are between each car, accessible by steps when the train is at rest; the steps rise to form a barrier when the train is in motion. Cargo compartments appear to have no windows. A single broad circuit runs the length of each train, merging with a constantly-turning circuit resembling a wheel at the train's central engine unit.

The beam of light along which the light rail travels is not harmful to the touch, but will carry a program who falls into it away as swiftly as it carries a train, and is difficult to escape without help. If the beam itself is interrupted, it will quickly reform. However, if its supports are removed, the beam can cut out, endangering oncoming trains.

Express trains, which make non-local trips from city to city over the Outlands, are larger and more comfortable than local trains, having two decks, a cafe car with tables, and various other amenities. Like regular light rail trains, they can turn upside down to let trains going in the opposite direction pass on the same light beam. Safety features include on-board wing chutes, bulkheads which seal each car in emergency situations, and a two-person escape pod near the front of each train.

History[edit | edit source]

Argon City's light rail has been seen to carry both passengers and cargo, and makes local stops all over the city. When General Tesler took control of Argon, light rail trains were used to transport prisoners to the Coliseum; Beck, attempting to free his captured friends, fought a guard on the roof of one of the trains, and Tesler was later carried away by its beam after his clash with the masked Renegade. The station at Argon Park has an express line to Purgos, which Galt used to get away quickly when he stole Beck's identity disc.

The Argon Express, a non-local two-deck train, travels across the Outlands to Bismuth. Keller took the Express in her attempt to escape the Occupation, but a stray hit from a light copter blew out the engine, leaving a mess even Beck couldn't fix and sending the train out of control. Beck and Paige evacuated the passengers and eventually themselves, but the empty train was destroyed when it continued beyond Bismuth Station on a line which eventually cut out due to a collapsed bridge over a ravine.

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