Light Jet (1-man)
Vehicle Type Aerial combat vehicle
Source Baton
Armaments Light Ribbon
2 Light guns (front)
Crew 1 Pilot
Passengers 0
Users Clu 2
Black Guard
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Legacy
TRON: Uprising
Light Jet.png
Light Jet (3-man)
Vehicle Type Aerial combat vehicle
Source Persistent
Armaments 2 Light Ribbons
2 Light guns (front)
1 Mini light gun (front)
2 Light guns (rear)
Crew 1 Command
1 Pilot
1 Tail gunner
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Legacy
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

A Light Jet is a small aircraft capable of high speed flight and those depicted in TRON: Legacy have all been combat ready. There are at least two known models of light jet: a small one-man interceptor craft and a larger, slower fighter with a crew of up to three.


The smallest Light Jets lack a cockpit and are generated from batons in the same manner as a Light Cycle. The pilot rides on top of the air frame, straddling a saddle in a crouched position. The arms and legs of the pilot each manipulate one of the four corresponding wings. Forward-firing automatic guns provide sufficient firepower to derezz a program with a single shot.

Like his Light Cycle, Clu appears to operate a modified light jet as his personal craft. In addition to its yellow color, Clu's light jet sports two pairs of rear wings and four wing-mounted guns rather than the more typical two.

The larger Light Jets are permanent constructs, able to house a crew of three within a forward cockpit. The central couch can rotate and slide to the rear of the craft, locking into a tail-mounted gunnery cupola with tail guns capable of firing a steady stream of automatic fire through a narrow arc. The forward-mounted guns are fixed and simply fire in the direction the craft is facing. Additionally, the craft mounts a three-barreled rapid fire gun on its chin, directly in front of the pilot's station.

Both Light Jet models have the ability to generate Light Ribbons to further impede pursuers. The smaller craft generates a single ribbon while the larger craft can generate a pair of them.

Official Release

The following is a quoted excerpt from the non-flash Light Jet page of Disney's TRON: Legacy website:

Created from a modified Light Cycle, these aircraft soon became the backbone of Clu's shock-and-awe fleet. The Light Jet is a cannon-mounted aircraft used for pacification and elimination. Like the Light Cycle, these single-manned jets emit a wall of light in their wake as they fly across the Grid. The depth, power and skill of the individual pilot increases the range and effectiveness of these jets. Clu hasn't used the light jets extensively: they required too much power to create and maintain, and trained pilots could be better used as sentries or Black Guards.
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