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The Light Cycle Sequence is a famous clip in TRON, when Tron, Flynn, and Ram are forced to race in Light Cycles against three programs of Sark's army. It is considered by many fans to be one of the best parts of the movie for its use of Computer Graphics Imagery. It is constantly said to be a milestone in movies' computer-generated effects.


After winning by default in his Ring Game match against Crom, Flynn was taken to the light cycle arena as punishment for defying Sark's order to derez him. There, he meets Ram and Tron, whom he mistakes at first for his real-life friend Alan Bradley.

They face off against three of Sark's men; the Blue team. Upon arriving at the light cycle arena, Flynn is surprised to see the setting of one of his arcade games: Light Cycles. Each character is given a different light cycle, rather than a set of matching colors: Tron in the orange cycle (Gold 1), Ram in the red cycle (Gold 2), and Flynn in the yellow cycle (Gold 3). Seeing the three enemy bikes coming at them, Tron orders Ram and Flynn to split up and take them one-on-one.

Tron and Blue 1 head straight at one another, turning at the last instant before colliding. The two keep trying to corner-block one another, but manage to keep pace with each other. Tron crosses out wide and comes back to lock Blue 1 into a narrow corridor between his jet wall and another blue wall. The two gun their throttles, heading for the arena wall. Tron purposefully keeps his light cycle side-by-side with his opponent's, even as the wall rockets at them. As one of the blue bikes calls out to his teammate, the driver panics and smashes into the arena wall, leaving a large break behind him. Tron turns at the wall's edge, almost running into his opponent's jet wall that vanishes a short time after he derezzes.

By now, Blue 3 has caught up with Flynn and pulls ahead trying to block him. Flynn doesn't flinch, and turns just in time to avoid smashing into the jetwall. Tron shouts out to Flynn, telling him to take the blue bike into the "maze", the open area left behind by Blue 1. Keeping his eyes fixed ahead, Flynn makes multiple, split-second turns to avoid both the blue wall and Tron's. He and Blue 3 exit the maze, and Flynn pulls the same move as Tron did, keeping the blue bike occupied by staying next to him. Blue 3 looks away for a moment, and smashes into a corner of Blue 2's jetwall. Flynn rides on out through the hole in the arena wall, his jetwall fading from the grid, inviting Tron and Ram to join him.

Ram has been keeping Blue 2 occupied all this time, as Tron rides up on the opposite side of the blue bike. He asks if Ram is ready, to which Ram smirks and says he is. Accelerating ahead of the blue bike, Ram shouts out, "So long, sucker!" as he and Tron pull simultaneous side-swipes, bringing their jetwalls too close together for the blue bike to fit through. Blue 2 shouts out in horror as he is boxed in and slams into the jetwalls. Tron and Ram then drive through the hole in the wall, narrowly avoiding being crushed by a patrolling Recognizer, joining Flynn in the escape.