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This article is about the second-generation Light Cycle. For other uses, see Light Cycle (disambiguation).
Tron legacy lightcycle 2nd gen.jpg
Light Cycle
Vehicle Type High speed personal transport
Source Persistent
Baton (TRON: Uprising)
Armaments Light Ribbon
Crew 1 Rider
Passengers 0
Users Kevin Flynn
Sam Flynn
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Legacy
TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Uprising

The 2nd generation light cycle (alternately known as an ENCOM 786) was designed by Kevin Flynn in 1983 and was the fastest light cycle ever made. It is reputed to have been Kevin's original light cycle, having been copied over from the ENCOM servers and customized. The second generation light cycle is succeeded by three more generations of light cycles, yet is still claimed to be "the fastest thing on the Grid". Quorra refers to it as "vintage".

The second generation light cycle has the hallmark thick wheeled look common to all light cycles, however it differs from other light cycles in the Tron system in several ways. It had a covered canopy that hinged open to allow rider access through the top. It also appears to be able to travel off the Grid without trouble. Its white color scheme contrasts starkly with the black and color-lit designs of all other vehicles in the system. The most notable feature is that, unlike the original light cycle and the newer incarnations, this light cycle is persistent and does not require a rod or baton to generate it.

While Kevin owns the original, there is a non-persistent baton version that exists for programs, called the ENCOM 786. Able, an older program, is known to have one among his collection of light cycles.


  • Programs in TRON: Uprising refer to this light cycle as an ENCOM 786.
  • In TRON: Uprising a black variant of the 2nd Generation light cycle is seen piloted by TronDyson, and their team of Black Guards in episode 9.
  • In TRON: Evolution, the 2nd generation light cycle leaves behind a white light ribbon, but the ribbon is more of a bluish color in TRON: Uprising.
  • In TRON: Uprising it is generated from special white-colored baton.
  • It is incorrectly referred to as a first generation light cycle in episode 2 of TRON: Uprising, but perhaps this is because the common Tron system program may not be aware of the ENCOM system.
  • In TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids, the 2nd generation light cycle is a unlockable playable vehicle in the Light Cycle Arena mode and the Light Cycle Races mode. The cost for it is 150 bits.


  • The number "786" is printed just in front of the back wheel. The black variant has the number "0.82" printed in its place.
  • ZackAttack refers to this vehicle as "the whitecycle" on the Flynn Lives message board.