Light Copter
Vehicle Type Aerial transport
Source Persistent
Armaments 2 plasma cannons
Crew 1 pilot
Passengers Various
Users Black Guard
General Tesler
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Uprising

The Light Copter, also known as a Light Chopper, is a vehicle introduced in TRON: Uprising. It was used by Clu's forces during his takeover of the Grid, as well as for transport of personnel. It strongly resembles a helicopter.

History[edit | edit source]

After being sent by General Tesler to seek out a renegade program, Paige utilized a light copter to pursue her target. After Paige and Beck engaged briefly in disc combat, the Guardsman piloting the copter was derezzed by Beck, who attempted to use the craft in his own escape. Paige, however, also managed to get on board, and the two continued their duel. The battle damaged the light copter, but Beck was able to flee the vessel. Paige was left to land it back on Tesler's command ship.

Shortly thereafter, Paige used a light copter to rescue Tesler from the light rail beam into which he had been flung by the Renegade.

Light copters were used in numerous chases thereafter. Paige, once again chasing the Renegade, crashed one on a deserted island, and the two of them managed to fashion parts of the vehicle into a raft; before they could use it, though, Tesler arrived in another light copter and airlifted her out. In another memorable incident, Pavel used one to board the light rail train upon which Keller was leaving Argon City; the copter fired on Keller when she appeared on the roof of the train, but a hit to its tail from Beck's identity disc caused it to spray the train's engine with energy bolts. Pavel, realizing that the train was out of control, departed on a different light copter, and the same vehicles were later used to transport Paige and Keller back to Argon.

Paige and Beck also used a light copter on their first date, bailing out high above the clouds to skydive down to the bridge overlooking the city.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Light copters are weaponized transport vehicles with swishing blades of energy for the rotors. These vehicles are used primarily by the military. Light copters are armed with dual cannons, one mounted on each side of the cockpit. A small, open bay is utilized by the copter's passengers. Light copters possess significant speed, but cannot rival that of a light jet. They can also hover in place.

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