• Cycle -noun: A measurement of time in digital worlds.
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  • Derez -verb: To subject a program to deresolution.
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  • Grid -noun: A digital environment.
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  • Initiative -noun: A plan to rectify a multitude of programs into an army, then using that army as an invasion force to conquer the real world.
  • ISO -abbrev: Acronym for Isomorphic Algorithm. A type of evolved program.
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  • Isomorphic Algorithm -noun: The long form version of ISO. A type of evolved program.
  • Light Cycle -noun: A two-wheeled vehicle. The term is also applied to games associated with the vehicle.
  • Light Jet -noun: Aerial combat vehicle.
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  • Light Tank -noun: Ground combat vehicle.
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  • Program -noun: Originally created to perform basic functions, programs appear as people populating digital worlds.
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  • Purge -noun: An act of genocide in the TRON system, designed to exterminate the ISOs.
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  • Recognizer -noun: Aerial security transport.
  • Rectify -verb: The of process of transforming a program and reorienting its functions to a military purpose.
  • Repurpose -verb: The process of reorienting a program's functions to a new purpose.
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  • Tron -noun: Titular character of the TRON series of stories. The word has alternative uses for the character and various story titles.
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  • User -noun: People in the real world outside of the system.
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There are a number of sayings and phrases used by characters in TRON that are specific to the TRON Universe. Some of them have simple meanings (i.e. "Greetings, Programs!"), while some other phrases are more obscure (i.e. "Watch out for nested macros.")

The following is a list of the sayings and phrases in Tron and their meanings, if available.

"Oh, my User!" - A program's version of "Oh, my God!" Used by Ram as an expression of agony when he was dying.

"Who does he calculate he is?" - Crom, referring to the MCP; a program's version of "Who does he think he is?"

"Tonight, we check everything in the right-hand column." - Flynn to Clu shortly before Clu got derezzed.

"Null unit" and "bit-brain." - Derogatory slurs used by Sark toward his lieutenant.

"If you've seen one consumer electronics show, you've seen them all." Ed Dillinger, referring to an electronics show he'd attended.

"End of Line." - End of communication; used frequently by the MCP, and later as the name of a club in Tron City.

"Sprite" - An insult between programs.

"Glitch" - A form of profanity.

"Reindeer Flotilla" - Flynn's forged Group Six password.

"This program has no disc - another stray." Sentries referring to Sam Flynn, believing that without a disc he'd lost his memory.

"Come, away from these primitive functions." - Castor to Sam, referring to programs at his club.

"I fight for the users." - Rinzler before sacrificing himself.