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I've never seen anything like it. Humbly, sir, I know you have greater designs than any of us understand. What does it do?


The Master Key.png
Identity Disc
Usage Weapon
Master key for the Tron system
Source Persistent
Users Kevin Flynn
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Uprising
TRON: Legacy
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kevin Flynn's Identity Disc is a unique Identity Disc belonging to Kevin Flynn. While it appears to have all the attributes of other identity discs in the Tron system, it is also reputed to be a "master key" of sorts, providing the only means by which programs might potentially escape into the real world. As the disc of a user, it also stores data of far greater complexity than that of an ordinary program.


Kevin Flynn's Identity Disc resembles a normal identity disc with a white inner ring. Its surface color has appeared as either white or black, changing along with its wearer's attire.


Flynn was never seen to use his disc as a weapon, and spent many years in hiding to keep it away from Clu, who viewed it as an object of power with which he could escape the confines of the Tron system and rule both it and the real world.

To flush Flynn out of hiding, Clu orchestrated a plan to lure another user into the system. The plan was a success and even resulted in the temporary capture of the disc by a Black Guard. Zuse derezzed the guard and attempted to trade the disc to Clu in exchange for control of Tron City, but Clu confiscated the disc and left Zuse to derezz as the End of Line Club was destroyed once again. Clu then took the disc to the Rectifier, where he placed it in the docking device which had been prepared to link it to the ship's systems. While docked, it appeared to grant the ship a status upgrade that would have taken it safely through the portal. However, the effect ended when Sam Flynn recaptured the disc and took it back to his father.

In order to keep the disc away from Clu, Flynn secretly lent it to Quorra, who left her own disc with him as a decoy. Once arrived at the portal, she presented the disc to Sam, who raised it into the code stream so that they could escape the Grid together.