Jordan canas.png
Jordan Canas
Biographical information
Death Date September 1985
Status Deceased
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Other information
Functions Architect
Allies Kevin Flynn
Sam Flynn
Out of universe information
Actor Amy Esterle
Appearances TRON: Betrayal
Flynn Lives
TRON: Legacy

Jordan Canas was Sam Flynn's mother and Kevin Flynn's wife. She and Kevin apparently met in 1982, the year he returned from the Game Grid. She was an architect for Hydecker Designs, and designed several buildings, including the ENCOM Tower.

Jordan and Kevin married that same year, and Jordan gave birth to Sam, their only child, in 1983. She passed away unexpectedly in September of 1985 in a car accident.

Production Note[edit | edit source]

Although actress Amy Esterle was cast as Jordan Canas, and then photographs and home video footage of Canas, with young Sam, were both created for TRON: Legacy (see Gallery below), none are shown in the completed film; apparently because it was decided only much later for Jordan to have passed away when Sam was younger. (Although some of the intended home video footage was utilized as Kevin's flashbacks of Sam.)

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