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Life is short, Pop. I plan to enjoy it.

—Jet Bradley to his father

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Jet Bradley
Biographical information
Username Jet@house.rez, Jet.User, Alan-Two
Birth Date December 1982
Physical description
Gender Male
Other information
Functions Hacker
Computer programmer
Programs Jet.exe
Equipment Identity Disc
Vehicles Super Light Cycle
Allies Alan Bradley
Lora Bradley
Out of universe information
Actor Jason Cottle
Appearances TRON 2.0
TRON 2.0: Killer App (Game Boy Advance), TRON: The Ghost in the Machine
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Jethro "Jet" Eugene Bradley is the primary protagonist of TRON 2.0. In 2003, his father was kidnapped and while searching for him, he was digitized by Ma3a into the Game Grid.



Jet was born in December 1982 to Lora and Alan Bradley. His birth was announced to all the employees of ENCOM by the then-Senior Executive VP, Kevin Flynn, who was named Jet's godfather. In 1994, Jet lost his mother when Lora was fatally wounded in a lab-related accident concerning the digitizing laser.[1] As a result of their loss, the relationship between Jet and Alan became strained.

As he got older, Jet's rebellious behavior became more frequent, causing his grades to suffer. Out of boredom, he hacked his school's computer system and was even arrested in one instance. Alan, disappointed with his son, states that his mother "would be crushed" by his behavior. Jet responds by requesting that he leave his mother out of the equation. Alan cites that Jet is irresponsible and with no future planned out, he won't be prepared for reality.

The comic book miniseries, TRON: The Ghost in the Machine, shows that Jet is living in the top floor apartment of Flynn's Arcade.

TRON 2.0[]

At the start of TRON 2.0, Jet Bradley works for the company ENCOM as programmer for their games department. He received a call from his father, who expresses his disappointment after finding out Jet rejected a level-6 access position. Jet dismisses Alan's disappointment, stating he rather spend his time making video games. Moments later, he overhears his father speaking to someone before the line goes dead. Concerned, Jet visits the lab and inquires to Ma3a the whereabouts of his father. Instead of answering, Ma3a declares that she requires his assistance activates the digitizing laser. Jet is caught off guard when he fails to realize the laser is above him and as a result, is transported into the Game Grid. Once inside, he is guided through the system by Byte (who he mistakes for a Bit) as he searches for Ma3a. He manages to evade the ICPs for a time before he is caught. Kernel, commander of the ICPs, plans to derez him under the belief that he is the cause of the corruption within the system. Jet tries to convince him that he is a User, which the Kernel, unconvinced, regards as a blasphemous insult to the Users.

Kernel is persuaded to spare his life by Mercury, who suggests that he be put in the games. Kernel agrees and Jet is forced to combat Game Bots in the light cycle arena. Upon reaching the final round, he is freed by Mercury who overheard he was searching for Ma3a. Acting on orders from her User, GUEST, she helps Jet retrieve his disc and the two escape through the data stream. On the way to the transport station, Mercury states that her user only meant for her to free Ma3a from her docking station, not combat the virus. Jet suspects that GUEST realized that battling the virus would've been a futile effort. The two separate to look for Byte, Jet finds him and eventually the two reach Ma3a's processing dock. Once she is released, ENCOM's sever, overwhelmed by the virus, begins to reformat. Mercury reappears and fends off a group of Z-Lots, allowing the three to escape through the exit port at the cost of her life.

On Alan's desktop, Ma3a explains to Jet why she digitized him. with Alan unavailable, he was the only User capable of combating the infection effectively within their world. She also reveals to him that Alan was kidnapped by FCon executives, Crown, Baza and Popoff, who want the Correction algorithms from Ma3a. With the help of Ma3a, Jet searches for e-mail fragments concerning the Tron Legacy Code and discovers the fate of Tron through those same fragments. Once the fragments are recovered, Jet, Byte and Ma3a stowaway on a Recognizer, Jet is advised by a disgruntled program to hide on the upper deck of the transport to evade the ICPs.

As their search for the Legacy Code continues, they are sidetracked by the appearance of a Seeker. Jet opts to distract it while Ma3a reverses the Power Oculus' defense protocols. Jet engages in a battle with the Seeker and several Resource Hogs on a test grid and wins. He discovers a new weapon when the test grid vanishes beneath his feet. When he regains consciousness, he meets I-No, an old program apart of ENCOM's old server. At the suggestion of Byte, Jet overloads the server to allow Ma3a passage and eventually discovers the Legacy Code in the archival area. They move on to the Net where they search for a high-level compiler to configure the Tron Legacy Code. Jet encounters a reformatted Mercury, who informs him that GUEST wishes to speak to him. Jet is unable to receive GUEST's message clearly and is left wondering what he wanted. They find the desired compiler in the Progress Bar, Ma3a convinces Jet to allow her to become the host of the Legacy Code when he receives another message from GUEST.

A video feed reveals that GUEST is his father, Alan, pleading with him not to configure the Legacy Code via written message. Realizing his error, Jet races back as Thorne appears and Ma3a merges with the Code. Too late, Jet witnesses as Ma3a becomes deranged and attacks Byte, derezzing him. She attacks Thorne, revealing his identity as a User, but regains control long enough to allow Jet to escape. Ma3a is captured by FCon's seeker program, Alan sends Mercury to aid Jet in entering the security system to set him free.

Jet later enters the heart of the corrupted area, unaware his father has been digitized until he receives another message from him. Jet eventually reaches his father and the two locate Thorne, who has been bested by Kernel. Kernel and Jet in engage in battle, with Jet emerging victorious in the end. Before he derezes, Thorne relays the location of Ma3a and gives the Bradley's access to his PDA. Jet is separated from his father in the transport to Thorne's PDA, who proves uncooperative in relinquishing the password until he nearly crashes her system.

The PDA sends Jet to the heart of the FCon server, where he encounters the DataWraiths on his way to bring down the firewall separating him from Alan. Once the firewall is down, Jet and Alan proceed to the carrier where Ma3a and the correction algorithms are being held by FCon. Jet is given the task of cutting off the power to the ship, while Alan reverses the affects of the Legacy Code, a failsafe against unauthorized Users, on Ma3a. Jet completes his mission and is informed by Alan that the FCon executives were corrupted by the digitization process when he removed the algorithms to verify their integrity.

FCon's sever begins to crash, Jet and Alan prepare to exit when Mercury reappears, disheartened that Jet is leaving the computer world. Jet promises to search for her after he warns her to leave the system before it crashes. As he steps into the digitizing beam, he is followed by the corrupted executives. He is unable to return to the real world until he defeats the corruption; eventually he knocks the creature out of the beam and is returned to the real world by Ma3a. Jet reemerges with his father just as the server goes down, enlightened by his journey into the computer world.

TRON: The Ghost in the Machine[]

Six months after his trip into the Grid, Jet has quit his job at ENCOM, troubled by nightmares about the computer world. Alan tries to convince Jet to put his experiences behind him and return to work, but Jet refuses repeatedly. Alan then suggests that Jet seek psychiatric help, Jet visits the psychiatrist that helped Flynn through his experience on the Grid in the original TRON and speaks to about his nightmares.

In his dreams he returns to the computer world, he has no control his actions and carries of the weight of being responsible for the creation and destruction of the universe within the computer. Jet withdraws from all things electronic, fearful that his actions may harm the individuals within. Meanwhile, the ENCOM server has realized that Jet is no longer in the system and creates a backup dubbed Jet.exe. When Jet returns home, he receives a call from Alan that is ended abruptly. Next, the police arrive, wanting to ask him a few questions.

Jet as he appears in the first issue of Ghost in the Machine.

Suspicious, Jet flees and steals one of their vehicles. He finds a report that tells him he is suspected of murdering his father. When he reaches ENCOM, Ma3a shows him a video of himself shooting his father in his office. The police arrive as Jet activates the digitizing laser, he escapes into the computer world, only to find it caught in the middle of a war.

He fights with the blue army against the red, Gridbugs attack him, but he manages to destroy them before losing consciousness. When he regains consciousness, a medic program gives him a memory patch and allows him to rejoin the blue army. Prior to transiting to the latest battlefield, he learns that the MCP has returned to power. The blue army is attacked by a Recognizer, Jet defeats it by using its own power against it via his identity disc. His fellow comrades are shocked by his display of power, causing his commanding officer to believe he is the enemy and orders him to be derezzed immediately. Jet attacks the commander with a blast that appears to have obliterated him, Jet then discovers he bears the commander's uniform. Mercury appears and explains he did not kill the commander, he simply absorbed his functions. She admits to being the one who called him back to the computer world and that he is control of the blue army now.

Jet begins to experience hallucinations in the form of a white rabbit, named Clarence, who tries to tell him that everything he's experiencing his a hoax; Mercury is feeding him memory patches designed to keep him disoriented with false memories. Jet refuses to believe him and wakes up in a medical lab, surrounded by Mercury and a medic. He receives an optic upgrade, everything begins to appear as they did in the original TRON film. When he takes notice of Mercury's new appearance, she explains its simply a product of his optic upgrade. Jet and Mercury go over plans to attack the MCP when he is suddenly sucked into a surreal, Alice in the Wonderland like world. Clarence appears again and reiterates that Jet is being lied to. Again, Jet refuses to believe him and returns to the electronic world, determined to win the war and reach the MCP's citadel.

Jet and Mercury's Pyramid Ship manage to bypass the MCP's forces. Clarance refuses to be ignored, Jet repels him several times, frustrated by his insistence. Clarance appears again even when Jet comes face to face with the Master Control Program himself. When he is distracted by the rabbit, Mercury and the blue army are overwhelmed, derezzed by the red army. Mercury dies in Jet's arms and in a fit of fury, he launches his disc at the MCP's center, only to watch as it bounces harmlessly off its spindle. Jet.exe, now sporting red circuitry, appears and beats the real Jet into unconsciousness.

Later, Jet.exe tortures Jet with hallucinations that leave the reader in question as to what is truly happening. The real Jet finally manages to free himself and with a mere touch, derezzes Jet.exe. He then goes after Clarance, revealed to be another Jet with green circuitry, wearing a rabbit costume. A retelling of the first issues reveals that Jet.exe was split into three separate programs: A blue Jet, a red Jet and a green Jet. Yellow Jet (a merge of red and blue), leads an army though the "wormhole" into Green Jet's realm. Green Jet rallies his Wonderland creatures to fight Yellow Jet's army, the battle leaves the Wonderland in ruin and the army destroyed.

Yellow and Green Jet square off in a disc war, Green Jet declares that all three Jet's could've been happy in their respective realities and he has no intentions of dying at his double's hand. He throws his disc in one final move, Yellow Jet catches it and the disc derezzes in his hand. Yellow Jet explains that none of them will die, not if they merge to become one entity. He grabs Green Jet's hand and the two merge in a big bang.

Jet.exe floats in void, a light appears and reveals his User, the real Jet Bradley. The User Jet explains that his time in the digital world left a footprint of himself that became corrupt and caused instability in the ENCOM server. He divided them into three copies with the Tron Legacy Code in their subroutines, allowing them to function and survive. With Jet.exe rejoined, his data is complex enough that he can be integrated in the real world.

His user, Alan, Flynn and Lora await his return to his real world. The User Jet explains that Lora never died, her mind lives on in Ma3a. Jet.exe inquires to the fate of the system when he leaves, Jet tells him that it will cease to exist, the Legacy code is the only thing keeping it alive. Jet.exe refuses to leave, unsatisfied with the outcome. Using his disc, he channels energy into himself and recreates the digital world. Afterward Jet.exe is reunited with Mercury.


Jet is a laid back young man, preferring to do what he wants as opposed to what his father wishes. Because of this, the two men never see eye-to-eye on the subject of his future. Jet refuses to let Alan run his life the way he sees fit. When Jet refuses a level-6 position his father worked to get him, Alan laments that he sounds too much like Kevin Flynn, his godfather. Prior to events in the game, Jet is shown to have very little concern toward right and wrong, going as far hacking out of pure boredom. The troubled history between Jet and Alan is brought further to light through e-mails.

One such e-mail from the local chief of police, informs Alan that he left his wallet behind after signing release forms to get Jet released from jail, further illustrating his trouble making ways. When the events of TRON 2.0 take place, Jet is shown to be capable under duress, using his head to get out of sticky situations, though he is often aided by others. Despite their misgivings, Jet worries for his father's safety when he is digitized on the Grid. When the two reunite, they are able to work together to stop FCon.

Skills and Abilities[]

In TRON 2.0, Jet processes a number of skills in computer hacking and programming. Upon announcing his birth, Kevin Flynn jokingly boasts Jet would be able to beat his high score in Space Paranoids; twenty years later, Jet appears to enjoy making and playing video games a much as his godfather. A flashback illustrates Jet's hacking skills when Alan chides his son for hacking the computer system for kicks and later, when he overloads several servers on the Grid.

Throughout the course of the game, his primary weapon is the Disc Primitive, which uses several different functions. Aside from the disc, he gains permissions and upgrades that allow him to traverse blocked areas to reach certain goals in the Grid and protect him from the virus. He proves himself capable of using far and close range weapons, such as the Ball, Mesh and rod, against ICPs, Z-Lots and the FCon Monster without problems.


A romance between Jet and the game bot, Mercury, is implied in TRON 2.0 and explored slightly more in TRON: The Ghost in the Machine. However, a romantic relationship between them never comes to fruition as Mercury is erased in the reformatting and replaced with an earlier version of herself. Jet is shown to be upset by the fact that Mercury doesn't remember him and tries several times to rejog her memory to no avail.

Near the end of the game both are shown to care a great deal for each other prior to Jet's departure from FCon's server. Jet goes as far as promising to search for her when she asks him to and requesting a screensaver of Mercury from his father. At the end of the events of The Ghost in the Machine, Jet's program, Jet.exe, appears to be in a relationship with Mercury.


  1. A e-mail concerning the similarities between Ma2a and Lora imply that Lora's death was not immediate. There was some speculation among employees that Lora could've recorded a "vast [audio] library" for Ma2a from her deathbed.