I've got a plan.

—Clarance (Green Jet)

JETexe profile
Biographical information
UserJet Bradley
Compile DateSeptember 2003[note 1]
Physical description
Circuitry ColorYellow
Blue (as Blue Jet)
Red (as Red Jet)
Green (as Green Jet/Clarence)
DescriptionUpdated Male Program; White Rabbit
Other information
EquipmentDisc Primitive
VehiclesLight Cycle
AlliesJet Bradley
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON: The Ghost in the Machine

Jet.0023785.exe is a backup program of the real Jet Bradley, created by the user's experience in the computer world during the events of TRON 2.0. In TRON: The Ghost in the Machine, Jet.exe battles against his alter egos in a fight for supremacy over the Grid.


Jet.exe was a digital footprint of Jet Bradley's presence on the Grid in ENCOM's server. Once the computer system realized that the user was no longer within its server, it created a digital backup. However, the backup of Jet was corrupted and caused serious instability within the system. Thus, the real Jet (in the real world), divided the program into three halves (Blue Jet, Red Jet and Green Jet), installing the Tron Legacy Code in their subroutines, allowing them to function properly on their own. Eventually, Blue Jet began to think it was Jet Bradley and experienced an hallucination that put him in a real world situation, wanted for the murder of his father. Eventually, the three halves were reunited through a war against the Master Control Program and the tricks of a rabbit named Clarance (Green Jet in disguise).

When Jet explained the reason for their separation, he told Jet.exe that he, Alan, Flynn and Lora were waiting for him in the real world. However, Jet.exe refused the offer after being told the system would crash once he was removed. He used his disc and the systems energy to recreate the digital world, and awoke lying on the top of hill, next to Mercury. Both programs have yellow circuitry.

Blue JetEdit

Under the belief it was the real Jet Bradley, Blue Jet began to experience vivid nightmares of being back in the computer world with no control over his actions. His father, Alan, suggested going to visit the psychiatrist that helped Flynn after his own experience in the computer world. Jet visited the psychiatrist and relayed his nightmares. When he returned home to Flynn's Arcade, he received a call from Alan that was cut off. The police arrived at his door, looking to question him. Suspicious, Jet stole one of their cruisers, and soon learned hat he was suspected of murdering Alan. When Jet reached ENCOM, Ma3a showed him a video of himself shooting his father. Jet escaped into the computer world as the police arrived to find it in the middle of a war.

With the help of Mercury, he aided the blue armies in the fight against the MCP and the red army. He was accosted by a white rabbit he dubbed "Clarance", who wanted him to believe that everything he experienced wasn't real. Jet refused to believe every time until he encountered the MCP itself. Clarance distracted Jet from using his disc against the MCP, Mercury and the blue army are destroyed in the process. Enraged, he attempts to destroy the MCP to no avail and is rendered unconscious when Red Jet appeared and attacks him. He was tortured by Red Jet for a while before freeing himself and absorbed his counterpart into his functions.

Red JetEdit

Red Jet is a digital counterpart of Jet Bradley, created when ENCOM's systems detected Jet was no longer on the servers. Initially dubbed Jet.exe it eventually became the red incarnation of Jet.exe and began working for the MCP. Red Jet must have been the cause in the MCP's rebirth in the first place, as Blue Jet states that it is an "Completely outdated program". Red Jet was eventually neutralized when being absorbed by Blue Jet to create Yellow Jet.

Green Jet (Clarance)Edit


Green Jet appears to Blue Jet as the rabbit "Clarence".

As Clarence, Green Jet is a strange, white, and cigar-smoking rabbit, who plays with the mind of Blue Jet (who believes he is the real Jet Bradley). He frequently invades the mind of his counterpart, attempting to confuse him with the belief that Mercury is lying to him by using memory patches that cause memory hallucinations. He lives in the realm that is likened to that of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, with a dark and light side adding to the surreality of the environment.

Clarance is relentless in his pursuit to convince Jet that he is experiencing a lie, to the point of causing Jet to smash his face into a control console (he sports a bandage over a welt the next time he appears). In their second to final confrontation, he distracts Blue Jet long enough to cause the deaths of the blue army and Mercury. He doesn't appear again until Blue Jet absorbs Red Jet into his functions and declares he's coming after him.

In which case, Green Jet is revealed not to be a rabbit, but another copy of Jet with green circuitry. Green Jet and Yellow Jet square off in a battle that destroys his world and its inhabits. The two are left standing on a cube and engage in a disc war. Green Jet declares he won't be destroyed by his counterpart, Yellow Jet responds, stating he wouldn't have to be destroyed, merely merged with him to create one being. Green Jet loses the disc battle and is absorbed by Yellow Jet in a big bang.


  1. Page seven of issue #1 in TRON: The Ghost in the Machine confirms the series takes place six months after the events of TRON 2.0. Yet, on page eighteen, Alan's death in is dated April 19, 2006, suggesting that the events of 2.0 take place three years after the game's release in 2003. The latter was most likely an oversight on the part of writer's Landry Walker and Eric Jones.