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No unusual activity on the grid. Security sweeps and patrols have been intensified. Rectifier on schedule. Your initiative should be fully operational within 12 cycles. Perhaps if you were to include me in this initiative, I could be of even greater service.

—Jarvis, reassuring Clu about control of the grid.[src]

Biographical information
Derezzed Date 2010
Status Derezzed
Physical description
Circuitry Color Red
Gender Male
Description Standard red program appearance
Other information
Functions Intelligence officer, administration
Equipment Datapad
Vehicles Clu's Command Ship
Allies Clu 2
Out of universe information
Actor James Frain
Appearances TRON: Legacy

Jarvis is a program who serves as Clu's intelligence officer and chief administrator in Clu 2's regime. He is bald and wears black with red circuitry, topped by a transparent visor attached directly to his scalp.


Jarvis rose to his station on the back of Clu 2's tolerance and by the time of TRON: Legacy had managed to secure a prominent position for himself by carrying out his master's every whim. His first appearance had him commenting on the Game Arena exploits of Sam Flynn while being largely ignored by his master.

After Sam was captured and assigned to a Light Cycle duel, Jarvis mustered all of his showmanship in a booming announcement for the imminent match. Seeking to curry favour with Clu, he then asked his master's opinion of the announcement to the gathered crowd, only to be derisively told, "It wasn't meant for them."

Jarvis later made amends when delivering the news that the location of Flynn's Safehouse had been discovered, although once there he soon attracted another condescending glare when he knocked over one of Flynn's possessions.

Jarvis's story ended with his deresolution on the bridge of Clu's Command Ship. Sam, looking to retrieve his father's Identity Disc, broke onto the bridge and whisked past Jarvis, who simply stood aside and murmured, "Long live the users." Clu was silently outraged when he stormed onto the bridge shortly after. His anger drew another salute from Jarvis, this time denouncing the users, although this only served to seal his fate when Clu immediately derezzed and silenced him by a lethal blow with his identity disc.


Jarvis is a sycophant and frequently tries to impress Clu with actions that often have the opposite effect. His cowardice manifests itself whenever he is threatened, even to the point of saluting those who might do him harm in an effort to be spared. While in the End of Line Club he flirted with Gem, who appeared repulsed.


  • Jarvis's visor is a persistent object, remaining intact and falling to the floor when he is derezzed.